PageFocus Draw

PageFocus Draw 3.7

desktop publishing & drawing

This is an easy-to-use, and yet powerful desktop publishing program. It contains a broad range of tools for meeting your publishing requirements. Use it for creative drawing, document, newsletter, brochure, flyer, and ID card. Design and print your labels, business cards, greeting cards, envelop, letterhead etc. with great ease. It works seamlessly with the open source program, Ghostscript to import and export (generate) PDF files.Features:Multiple-page file compatible with our PageFocus form development packages
Extensive set of graphic types including lines, curves, texts, multi-column texts, curved texts, tables, etc.
Works seamlessly with the open source program, Ghostscript, to import and export (generate) PDF files, (instructions provided in the PageFocus Draw program)
Easy-to-use tools for creating pattern drawing, color gradient, layer control, transparent attributes, double-byte text, vertical text, and curved text.
Readily available tools for positioning, alignment, grouping, resize, rotate, and repetition.
Powerful tools for creating interesting patterns,
Easy-to-use label-printing and management tools
Friendly and efficient windows and tool lay-out,
Namable objects and pages for easy access and management,
The US version supports spelling checks for both American English and Spanish. The international version supports spell checks of American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

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